Providing the opportunity to place advertising where consumers are spending an increased amount of their time--on their mobile device, and this trend is continuing to rise.

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Publish your App on all the mobile app markets and apply the methodology used exclusively by Siris Publishing to expose your app to Mobile Nation

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Let your company message reach your desired regional customer base through targeted geographical advertising strategies with in-app banner ads

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Siris Publishing can help your company achieve global reach with banner advertising though the collective group of high traffic apps

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Welcome, Our Story!

"I know a guy that made an app..." is pretty much how it started. Now, there is a whole suite of apps that generate millions of ad views each month. Most of those ads are not available to "local" or small city companies or local brands that need national advertising exposure. We are trying to change that.

Right now, we place ads using "ad networks" - companies that contract with ad agencies and large companies to place ads in mobile apps. Those companies have a lot of moving parts that are expensive. And most mobile app developers do not have a sales staff available to market this type of advertising to local companies.

Google's Perspective on Mobile